DDEX, the International Standards Organisation for the Music Industry, Releases “Music in Podcasts,” Outlining the Data and Reporting Flows for this Growing Industry

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New York, NY (29 September 2022) – DDEX, the international standards-setting organisation dedicated to improving the exchange of data and information across the music industry, has released a whitepaper titled “Music in Podcasts” outlining the use of music in podcasts as well as potential data flows for different types of podcasts, communication of said data, reporting of usage, and more. Niels Rump from the DDEX Secretariat first presented findings from the whitepaper at the 2022 Rights Tech Summit on 22nd September.


Data Flow for Licensing Music in Podcasts


This whitepaper is the result of over a year of work by DDEX, which included events at the 2021 Podcast Movement conference, the 2022 London Podcast Show, and open meetings starting in September 2021 to invite feedback from podcast creators, producers, and distributors on how proposed processes and data requirements as documented by DDEX regarding the usage and reporting of music in podcasts would be able to be integrated in their processes and work flows.


“Consumer demand for podcasts has never been higher, and music has been integral to these programs from the beginning,” said Niels Rump, DDEX Secretariat. “However, not having proper standards around music usage is a barrier for licensing, and of course, ultimately the proper compensation. This whitepaper is the next step in our collaborative process to work across the music and podcasting industries towards creating standards for the exchanging of rights information in podcasts, and we invite all to review these findings and join us in the continued conversation.”


To read the full Whitepaper, visit DDEX’s website by clicking ddex.net/podcast-wp.


DDEX is eager to discuss the white paper, its findings, and recommendations with interested parties. A poll to find suitable dates is available at ddex.net/podcast-wp-workshops.


Formed in 2006, DDEX’s 100+ members include leading media companies, music licensing organisations, digital service providers, and technical intermediaries – any organisation of any size with a business interest in digital media content. DDEX now has eleven families of standards that support the entire arc of digital music operations, from initial recording through distribution and reporting as well as other types of business transactions in particular sectors of the industry. A company does not need to become a member to implement any of the DDEX standards; but normally participation in the working groups around the development and refinement of current and new standards is limited to members, as are the biannual plenary events. Information about upcoming meetings and webinars, as well as recordings of previous events, can be found at https://ddex.net/events/.


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About DDEX

Formed in 2006, DDEX is an international standards-setting organisation made up of leading media companies, music licensing organisations, digital service providers, and technical intermediaries that is dedicated to improving the exchange of data and information across the music industry. To support the automated exchange of information along the digital value chain, DDEX has standardized the format in which information is represented in messages and the method by which the messages are exchanged between business partners. These standards help rights holders, retailers, and technical intermediaries to more effectively communicate information along the digital value chain. This leads to efficient business transactions, reduced costs, and increased revenues for all sectors involved. DDEX standards are developed and made available for industry-wide implementation. For more information, visit ddex.net.



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