There are currently eight families of DDEX standards that can be implemented to improve efficiency and aid the automated exchange of information along the global digital music value chain. The below map shows how all of DDEX’s standards flow between partners and integrate with each other. Hover your cursor on the bold black circles and then click on the pop up which will take you to a description of each standard.

You do not have to be a member of DDEX to implement the standards. Anyone can implement the DDEX standards after they acquire a free DDEX Implementation Licence, available here.

To determine which DDEX standards in the above diagram are relevant to your business, you should read the explanations of each of the standards which can be reached through the links in the diagram. The standards themselves can be downloaded from the Knowledge Base. The Knowledge Base also contains more detailed information about the standards and advise about how to approach the implementation of each standard. More general advice about the implementation of DDEX standards is also available there.

Any DDEX member can participate in the Working Groups which develop, maintain, and update our standards, and assist with their implementation. More information on these working groups can be found here.  There are four levels of membership, for everyone from individuals to multi-nationals – all information is here.

A high-level overview of DDEX and all its standards is available here.

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