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DDEX hosts a number of events during the year, including webinars and workshops which provide opportunities to learn more about the standards and their implementation and two members-only Plenary meetings in the Spring and Autumn to create and revise the standards themselves. DDEX also speaks regularly at conferences around the world on issues related to metadata. Obviously, in these Covid times, most if not all of these events will be virtual during 2021.

Webinars provide a general introduction to DDEX as well as a comprehensive explanation of various aspects of the different DDEX standards and the approach that should be adopted with regard to certain subjects common to all the standards. The list of webinars for the first half of 2021 are set out below. The webinars are about an hour in length.

You can register for each of the webinars here. Videos of previous DDEX events can be found on our Resources page.

15th April: 08:00 BST

Webinar: Understanding the DDEX Data Dictionary

What is a “NonInteractiveStream”?

Having a common understanding of such terms is essential for all involved in the operational infrastructure in the music value chain. All DDEX standards make use of common terms and these are all collated in the DDEX Data Dictionary. The data dictionary also provides the structure of all data elements and composites contained in the various DDEX standards.

This webinar will explain how best to utilise the power of this tool. The webinar will also explain why there are multiple editions of the DDEX Data Dictionary and whether or not the dictionary is meant to cover all DDEX standards.

19th – 23rd April

37th Virtual DDEX Plenary Meeting

Times to be determined.

Members only.

Find out about membership of DDEX here.

29th April: 16:00 BST

Webinar: Understanding the DDEX Data Dictionary


13th May: 08:00 BST

Webinar: Learn about recent developments in Recording Information Notification (RIN)

Recording Information Notification is the standard that enables the communication of data collected in the studio environment to be collected and flow into the metadata value chain. The standard has been in existence for a few years now with a number of implementations taking place. As a result of those implementation experiences, some lessons have been learned which, by May, will have led to some changes to the RIN standard. This webinar will explain the changes and the rationale behind them.

27th May: 16:00 BST

Webinar: Learn about recent developments in Recording Information Notification (RIN)


10th June: 08:00 BST

Webinar: Learn about Party Identification and Enrichment (PIE)

The Party Identification and Enrichment is a new standard, that will have been published by June, and accompanies and complements Media Enrichment and Description (MEAD) and ERN. This webinar will introduce PIE which enables the communication of extremely rich information about writers, recording artists, sound engineers and all other contributors involved in the entire music creation process. It will also explain how PIE can be used alongside MEAD and ERN.

24th June: 16:00 BST

Webinar: Learn about Party Identification and Enrichment (PIE)


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