Bulk Communication of Work and Recording Metadata

The texts of the Bulk communication of Work And Recording Metadata (BWARM) standard with detailed explanations and advise about how to go about an implementation is available on the knowledge base.

The BWARM standard provides a mechanism for the communication of data about musical works and the sound recordings or music videos that make use of those musical works. In addition, the standard enables the communication of right shares in relation to the musical works set out in the message.

The standard serves a similar purpose to the Musical Work Right Share Notification Choreography (MWN) standard (which is one of the three standards that make up the MWDR standards). MWN is, however, best-suited for the communication of detailed data about a small number of musical works in the context of the licensing of those musical works. The BWARM standard is targeted at communicating, in bulk, data about very large numbers of musical works.

A communication created in accordance with the BWARM standard contains a number of related files. The main file contains data about the musical works and the other files describe entities that are related to those musical works, including for example:

  • Alternative titles of the musical works
  • Proprietary identifiers of the musical works
  • Right share interests in the musical works
  • Parties with an interest in the musical works and their roles
  • The sound recordings or music videos on which the musical works appear
  • Links between those sound recordings and music videos and the relevant musical works

A slide presentation overview of the BWARM standard is available here.

You do not have to be a member of DDEX to implement the standards. Anyone can implement any of them once they have taken out a DDEX Implementation Licence. Information about the Licence is available here and the application form is available here.

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