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DDEX hosts a number of events during the year, including webinars and workshops which provide opportunities to learn more about the standards and their implementation and two members-only Plenary meetings in the Spring and Autumn to create and revise the standards themselves. DDEX also speaks regularly at conferences around the world on issues related to metadata. Obviously, because of the pandemic, most of these events are virtual.

Webinars provide a general introduction to DDEX as well as a comprehensive explanation of various aspects of the different DDEX standards and the approach that should be adopted with regard to certain subjects common to all the standards.

Videos of previous DDEX events can be found on our Resources page.

DDEX will be offering three new webinars during the fourth quarter of 2021. The three webinars are described below and the times they will presented also provided. The webinars are about an hour in length.

You can register for one or more of these webinars here.


How DDEX uses Allowed Value Sets (including information on role codes and use types)

  • Tuesday 12th October at 4.00.pm BST (for Western hemisphere); or
  • Thursday 21st October at 8.00.am BST (for Eastern hemisphere)

Allowed values sets (AVSs) or code lists form an integral part of all the DDEX standards. There are nearly 250 sets of values within the DDEX data dictionary with in excess of 10,000 actual values. This webinar will explain how and why DDEX uses AVSs so extensively and the way in which these are created, developed and managed. In particular, there will be explanations of two AVSs which are critical to the communication of information along the music value chain using the DDEX standards, namely role codes attributed to all contributors to a music creation and the description of how that music can be exploited by music services, in the form of use types. 


Music Metadata and the many ways it is used (an introduction to cleanly identifying and describing music) 

  • Tuesday 2nd November at 8.00.am GMT (for Eastern hemisphere); or
  • Thursday 18th November at 4.00.pm GMT (for Western hemisphere)

There are many attributes that are associated with a music creation in order that it can be properly described. Having a good understanding of these attributes, as well as the elements of a music creation to which they apply, is essential to operating in the music value chain. Each of these attributes and entities will have a particular function whether it is, for example, for search and discovery, credits, rights administration or royalty payment. This webinar will explore these various attributes and how they are built up to create a large set of data for a single music creation which is then shared and communicated throughout the music value chain.


Venue Identification

  • Tuesday 7th December at 8.00.am GMT (Eastern hemisphere); or
  • Thursday 16th December at 4.00.pm GMT (Western hemisphere)

Like all entities relevant to the music value chain, it is much easier and more efficient if they are given a unique identifier for when the information is to be communicated using computers, and venues are no different. DDEX has been working with EIDR to develop a venue identifier which will uniquely identify music venues such as studios or concert venues as well as venues relevant to the film and TV industry. This webinar will explain progress on this activity and explain how such an identifier might get used by the music, TV and film industries.

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