DDEX Events

DDEX hosts a number of events during the year, including webinars and workshops which provide opportunities to learn more about the standards and their implementation and two members-only Plenary meetings in the Spring and Autumn to create and revise the standards themselves. DDEX also speaks regularly at conferences around the world on issues related to metadata. Obviously, in these Covid times, most if not all of these events will be virtual during 2021.

Webinars provide a general introduction to DDEX as well as a comprehensive explanation of various aspects of the different DDEX standards and the approach that should be adopted with regard to certain subjects common to all the standards. The list of webinars for the first half of 2021 are set out below. The webinars are about an hour in length.

Videos of previous DDEX events can be found on our Resources page.

DDEX’s webinar programme will return in September.

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