DDEX Data Dictionary , 2010-06-18
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A message term for echo:ExtensionsMessage, dcho:InvoiceDeliveryMessage, mwlm:LicenseOrClaimConfirmationMessage, mwlm:LicenseOrClaimMessage, mwlm:LicenseOrClaimRequestMessage, ernm:NewReleaseMessage, echo:ReleaseAvailabilityMessage, echo:ReleaseStatusInformationMessage, dcho:SalesReportDeliveryMessage, dsrs:SalesReportMessage, and dsrm:SalesReportToSocietyMessage.
A Composite containing a ResourceMusicalWorkReference.
Component Structure
Components Name Description of Element Role Cardinality Data Type
  XmlSequence 1
    SequenceNumber The number indicating the order of the MusicalWork in a group of MusicalWorks within a Medley, SoundRecording or other Resource. 0-1 Integer (xs:integer)
    DurationUsed The total Duration of the MusicalWork that has been used in a specified context (this may be less than the total Duration of the MusicalWork) (using the ISO 8601:2004 PT[[hhH]mmM]ssS format, where lower case characters indicate variables, upper case characters are part of the xs:string, e.g. one hour, two minutes and three seconds would be PT1H2M3S). 0-1 Duration (xs:duration)
    IsFragment The Flag indicating whether the MusicalWork is a Fragment (=True) or not (=False). 0-1 Boolean (xs:boolean)
    ResourceMusicalWorkReference A Reference for a MusicalWork (specific to this Message). This LocalAnchorReference is a xs:string starting with the letter W. 1 LocalMusicalWorkAnchorReference (xs:IDREF)
Is Member of Composites Composite Name Description of Element Role Cardinality  
  ddexC:ResourceMusicalWorkReferenceList A Composite containing a ResourceMusicalWorkReference for a MusicalWork (specific to this Message). 1-n  
Belongs to Class ResourceComposite
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