DDEX Data Dictionary , 2010-06-18
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A message term for echo:ExtensionsMessage, dcho:InvoiceDeliveryMessage, dsrm:InvoiceMessage, mwlm:LicenseOrClaimConfirmationMessage, mwlm:LicenseOrClaimMessage, mwlm:LicenseOrClaimRequestMessage, erns:NewReleaseMessage, ernm:NewReleaseMessage, echo:ReleaseAvailabilityMessage, echo:ReleaseStatusInformationMessage, dcho:SalesReportDeliveryMessage, dsrs:SalesReportMessage, dsrf:SalesReportMessage, dsrm:SalesReportToRecordCompanyMessage, and dsrm:SalesReportToSocietyMessage.
A Release predominantly containing excerpts from Videos.
Parents Release An abstract entity representing a bundle of one or more Resources compiled by an issuer for the purpose of electronic distribution to individual Consumers, directly or through intermediaries. The Resources in Releases are normally primarily SoundRecordings or music audio-visual recordings. The Release is not itself the item of trade (or Product). Products have more extensive attributes than Releases; one Release may be disseminated in many different Products.
Belongs to Class ReleaseType
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