Musical Work Notification and Licensing Standards (MWN and MWL)

The DDEX message to enable companies to exchange information on claims of ownership of musical works embedded in Releases is the Musical Work Notification Choreography Standard (MWN). The message to enable companies to request and to be granted licences for using such musical works is the Musical Works Licensing Message Standard (MWL).

The works notification and licensing standards are typically used by DSPs and/or record companies to request information on right share ownership claims and to license musical works from music rights societies, musical work rights administrators and/or music publishers, and for such organisations to provide information, licences and/or licence rejections. These processes are supported two core standards, one focusing on works licensing and one on work ownership notifications. These standards are highly inter-compatible and share a common ontology/data dictionary.

DDEX has also defined how to physically exchange such licence requests and grants, alongside supporting documentation, for the licensing of physical products in Canada.

The MWN request/response choreography supports two use cases which are, a licensee requesting information on a licensor’s claim(s) to musical work(s) and a licensee wanting to augment and enrich the data they have on musical work(s). The first use-case may be the first step in a larger process of a licensee requesting licence(s) for use(s) of musical-work(s).

A detailed explanation of the MWN standard and advise about how to go about an implementation of it is available at the Knowledge Base.

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