Implementing DDEX standards

You do not need to be a member of DDEX to implement any of its standards within your technical infrastructure. Also there is no charge for implementing DDEX standards so the only cost is that of your own implementation. Before implementing a DDEX standard you will need to acquire a free standard implementation licence. More information about the DDEX Implementation Licence is available here.

DDEX standards have been widely implemented across the digital supply chain by digital retailers, digital distributors and aggregators, record companies, music rights societies and various technical service providers. These implementations have been deployed by major digital music players, both members and non-members, including Apple, Beezik, Consolidated Independent, Digiplug, EMI Music, the Harry Fox Agency, Kontor New Media, Naxos, NCB, Omnifone, PRS for Music, SACEM, Sony Music Entertainment, Spotify, SUISA, Rhapsody, Rightsflow and Warner Music Group as well as a full range of other companies. Overall more than 2100 implementation licences have been issued so far.

To make implementing the standards as easy as possible, DDEX is now developing “business and release profiles” that describe only that part of the standards relevant to specific business transactions and types of releases. This means that your implementation will only need to embrace the business profile that is relevant to your business.

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