Download the DDEX standards

All the standards developed by DDEX to date are available to download along with the associated xml schemas, from the left hand menu. The standards are grouped according to the business process they support, for example, 'Release Delivery' related standards or standards required for 'Works Licensing'. Similarly the Supporting Standards are grouped together. A full list of standards is also provided. The latest updates were as follows

  • Update of Release Notification Message Suite Standard (to v3.5)
  • Update of Sales Reporting Message Suite Standard (to v4.1)
  • Update of Sales Reporting Message Suite Standard (to v2.1 of the flat file profile)
  • Update of Musical Works Licensing Message Suite Standard (to v2.1) and
  • Update of Release Profiles for Common Release Types (2nd Edition of v1.0)

The principle groups of participants in DDEX so far have been musical works rights owners, sound recording rights owners and digital music retailers. The message suite standards are used amongst these participant groups as follows:

Increasingly, however, these participant groups have been joined by companies DDEX describes as technical intermediaries. These are companies that provide their technical services to other players in the digital supply chain at almost any point in the supply chain. DDEX standards have been developed, right from the start, with such intermediaries in mind and many of them have also implemented the standards.

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