Membership categories and benefits

The categories of DDEX membership are outlined below, along with the benefits and fees for each tier.

    Charter Full Associate
Comment on Committee drafts of DDEX standards Yes Yes Yes
Attend Annual Meeting Yes Yes Yes
Access to all DDEX documents, standards and email groups Yes Yes No
Attend and vote in each Working Group Yes Yes No
Nominate representatives as Working Group chairs Yes Yes No
Attend and vote at Plenary Meetings Yes Yes No
Board representation Yes No No

The membership fee (in US dollars) per year associated with each class of membership is as follows:

Charter Full Associate
Previous year's revenue Fee


(from 1st January 2017 - $25,750)


$500m plus $12,500 ($12,850)

$2,500 ($2,550)

Associate Members receive resolutions from the Plenary Meetings. They may attend one Plenary Meeting per year for an additional fee of $500 per person. In addition, Associate Members receive documentation and subscribe to Working Group emails.

$100m - $500m $10,000 ($10,300)
$50m - $100m $8,000 ($8,200)
$25m - $50m $6,500 ($6,650)
$10m - $25m $5,000 ($5,150)
$5m - $10m $3,500 ($3,600)
$2m - $5m $2,000 ($2,050)
up to $2m $1,000 ($1,000)
Individuals $250 ($250)