DDEX Data Dictionary, 12-07-19
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A message term for dsr:SalesReportToRecordCompanyMessage, dsr:SalesReportToSocietyMessage, mwl:LicenseOrClaimRequestMessage, mwl:LicenseOrClaimMessage, mwl:LicenseOrClaimConfirmationMessage.
A Type of Resource.
AVS Members Image A still visual Recording or illustration of an object. Examples: a Photograph or a GraphicImage.
  MIDI A Set of computer instructions which enables a sound processor to generate sounds (using the Musical Instrument Digital Interface as defined by the MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA)).
  SheetMusic A a hand-written or printed form of musical notation.
  Software A program that enables a Computer to perform a specific task(s).
  SoundRecording An audio Recording.
  Text A written Manifestation. Examples: the Lyrics of a MusicalWork or the Text of an interview.
  UserDefinedResource A Resource which is UserDefined.
  Video An audio-visual Recording.
Is Base for Composites ddexC:ResourceType A Composite containing details of a ResourceType. For example a SoundRecording of a Performance of a MusicalWork or an Image of an Artist.
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