DDEX Data Dictionary , 2010-06-18
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A message term for dcho:InvoiceDeliveryMessage, mwlm:LicenseOrClaimConfirmationMessage, mwlm:LicenseOrClaimMessage, mwlm:LicenseOrClaimRequestMessage, dcho:SalesReportDeliveryMessage, dsrm:SalesReportToRecordCompanyMessage, and dsrm:SalesReportToSocietyMessage.
A Type of Tax according to its scope.
Parents Type A Class whose members are themselves Classes.
InstancesCombinedTaxA Tax which is a combination of several Taxes.
 FederalTaxA Tax which applies at the federal level.
 LocalTaxA Tax which applies locally.
 ProvincialTaxA Tax which applies at the provincial level.
 StateTaxA Tax which applies at the state level.
 UserDefinedA Type of an Entity which is defined by a sender of a DdexMessage in a manner acceptable to its recipient.
Composites Using Same Components ddexC:TaxScope
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