DDEX Data Dictionary , 2010-06-18
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A message term for dcho:InvoiceDeliveryMessage, mwlm:LicenseOrClaimConfirmationMessage, mwlm:LicenseOrClaimMessage, and mwlm:LicenseOrClaimRequestMessage.
A Type of RoyaltyRate according to the calculation method.
Parents Type A Class whose members are themselves Classes.
InstancesControlledCompositionRoyaltyRateA RoyaltyRate calculated through provisions of a contract containing a "controlled composition" clause.
 ControlledShareRoyaltyRateA controlled RoyaltyRate applied to a RightShare in a Work.
 MinimumStatutoryRoyaltyRateA minimum statutory RoyaltyRate.
 NegotiatedRoyaltyRateA RoyaltyRate negotiated between individual Licensor and Licensee.
 ReducedRoyaltyRateA reduced RoyaltyRate.
 ReducedStatutoryRoyaltyRateA reduced StatutoryRoyaltyRate.
 StatutoryRoyaltyRateA statutory RoyaltyRate.
Is Member of Composites Composite Name Description of Element Role Cardinality  
  mwlm:RoyaltyRate A Type of RoyaltyRate according to the License or Claim conditions. 0-1  
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