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A message term for dmm:DataMismatchMessage, dmm:DataMismatchResponseMessage, echo:DeliveryFrequencyChangeRequestMessage, echo:ExtensionsMessage, ftpx:FtpAcknowledgementMessage, amep:FtpAcknowledgementMessage, ftpx:FtpManifestMessage, echo:InformationAboutAvailableReleaseRequestMessage, dcho:InvoiceAcknowledgementRequestMessage, dcho:InvoiceDeliveryAcknowledgementMessage, dcho:InvoiceDeliveryMessage, dsrm:InvoiceMessage, dcho:InvoiceRequestMessage, mwlm:LicenseOrClaimConfirmationMessage, mwlm:LicenseOrClaimMessage, mwlm:LicenseOrClaimRequestCancellationMessage, mwlm:LicenseOrClaimRequestMessage, mwlm:LicenseOrClaimRevocationMessage, mwlm:LicensingInformationRequestMessage, mwlm:LicensingProcessStatusMessage, mwlm:LicensingProcessStatusRequestMessage, echo:ManifestMessage, dcho:ManifestMessage, ernm:MusicalWorkLicenseInformationMessage, ernm:NewDealMessage, ernm:NewReleaseMessage, echo:ReleaseAvailabilityMessage, echo:ReleaseStatusInformationMessage, echo:ReportDeliveryMessage, echo:ReportRequestMessage, dcho:SalesReportDeliveryAcknowledgementMessage, dcho:SalesReportDeliveryMessage, dcho:SalesReportRequestMessage, dsrm:SalesReportToRecordCompanyMessage, dsrm:SalesReportToSocietyMessage, echo:SupplyChainStatusMessage, and amep:WsAcknowledgementMessage.
A Composite containing details of a PartyName. Name details for a Party typically either contain a FullName or a KeyName.
Component Structure
Components Name Description of Element Role Cardinality Data Type
  LanguageAndScriptCode The Language and script for the Elements of the ddexC:PartyName as defined in IETF RfC 4646. The default is the same as indicated for the containing composite. Language and Script are provided as lang[-scipt][-region][-variant]. This is represented in an XML schema as an XML Attribute. 0-1 String (xs:string)
  XmlSequence 1
    FullName A Composite containing the complete Name of the Party, in its normal form of presentation (e.g. John H. Smith, Acme Music Inc, A Composite containing the Beatles). 1 ddexC:Name
    FullNameAsciiTranscribed The FullName transcribed using 7-bit ASCII code. 0-1 String (xs:string)
    FullNameIndexed A Composite containing the complete Name of the Party in the form in which it normally appears in an alphabetic index, with the KeyName first (e.g. Smith, John H.; Beatles, A Composite containing the). 0-1 ddexC:Name
    NamesBeforeKeyName A Composite containing the Name(s) preceding the KeyName in the FullName (and that is placed after it in a FullNameIndexed). Examples: "George" in "George Michael"; "John Fitzgerald" in "John Fitzgerald Kennedy". Not all PartyNames have a NamesBeforeKeyName (e.g. Madonna, EMI Music Inc). 0-1 ddexC:Name
    KeyName A Composite containing the Part of a Name of the Party normally used to index an entry in an alphabetical list, such as "Smith" (in John Smith) or "Garcia Marquez" or "Madonna" or "Francis de Sales" (in Saint Francis de Sales). For persons, this normally corresponds to the "family name" or names, which in Western name forms usually comes as a surname at the end of a FullName, and in Asian name forms often at the beginning of a FullName. 0-1 ddexC:Name
    NamesAfterKeyName A Composite containing the Name(s) following the KeyName. Example:"Ibrahim" (in Anwar Ibrahim). This is common, e.g., in many Asian personal name forms where a FullName begins with the KeyName, which is followed by other names. 0-1 ddexC:Name
    AbbreviatedName A Composite containing a short version of the ddexC:PartyName (e.g. for use on devices with a small display). 0-1 ddexC:Name
Is Member of Composites Composite Name Description of Element Role Cardinality  
  ddexC:MessagingParty A Composite containing details of the PartyNames for the Party handling the Message. 0-1  
  ddexC:PartyDescriptor A Composite containing details of the PartyName(s). 1-n  
  ftpx:MessagingParty A Composite containing details of the PartyNames for the ftpx:MessagingParty. 0-1  
Belongs to Class NameComposite
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